Beijing and Taiwan opera fans enjoy Beijing Opera in the “cloud”

From:Haiwainet.comAuthor: 2022-05-05 17:10

  The 2022 online exchange event of “Admiring Beauty of Chinese Heritage” was held recently, allowing Beijing and Taiwan people to appreciate Beijing Opera. More than 200 guests and residents at the two venues in Beijing and Kaohsiung met in the “cloud”, and famous Peking opera artists and fans on both sides of the Taiwan Strait jointly performed the famous passages of the classicals of Peking Opera, such as “Zhuang Yuan Mei (Marriage of the Number One Scholar)” and “Zuo Gong (Sitting In the Palace)”. Hu Wenge performed the classic “Gui Fei Zui Jiu (The Drunken Concubine)” of the Mei School and expounded on the gesture of “orchid fingers”, which was highly praised by audiences on both sides of the Strait.

  Since 2009, Hu Wenge has been participating in cultural exchanges, performances and lectures in Taiwan, and has formed a close bond with opera fans there. “‘The Drunken Concubine’, a masterpiece of Mei Lanfang, fully embodies the traditional beauty of opera body movements of the hands, eyes, body and paces. Among them, hand gestures are the physical expression of psychological activities and also the feature of the Mei school.” Hu Wenge demonstrated the movement of “smelling flowers" on site, and audiences took videos and photos of the whole process.

  Facial makeup in Beijing Opera also greatly impressed the audiences. Yang Qiang, the inheritor of Weng school Beijing Opera facial makeup painting techniques, spent more than a month in advance on painting more than 70 Peking Opera masks and sent them to Kaohsiung. Some Taiwanese audiences put on the masks before the opening of the event and waved to say hi to the mainland audiences online.

  Li Changyuan, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People’s Government, said “The event has built a professional platform for opera fans across the Strait. This year, ‘Beijing-Taiwan Exchange Bases’ have been set up to provide a better space for people to carry out diversified and colorful exchange activities in places with distinct features in different districts in Beijing.” The Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation Center of Shijingshan District of Beijing was officially unveiled as an important Beijing-Taiwan Exchange Base.


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